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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Preface Page of My New Book ( scheduled coming out around Christmas)
by Kate Niemann Theis on Sunday, August 28, 2011 at 8:01am
Photography is my way of showing the world beauty through my lens. My writings are my way of expressing the heart felt emotions the runs through my pen. I love storytelling and puppetry, a love to show the world how wonderful life can be. Children and Seniors rock my world with love and acceptence. This book is how I see myself and those around me. BEAUTIFUL! My heart is as big as the ocean and as high as the stars that twinkle at night-
Open up your heart and your mind will Follow.
Be everything you do,
Look beyond what you see. You might find yourself.
Love openly and give freely. Be true to yourself.
I do...
I am a very giving and honest person who loves to be who I am and not be afraid of the consequences. I love to be funny, yet with a soft side. I am very committed and loyal and I love my family unconditionally. I believe in the workings of the spirit and how we are all having something in common or related in our human existance. The wonders of our dreams and goals are intertwined as a people. we truly are connected. I have My Love for God and Jesus. Fills me to the brim.
I have a love for children and working with them gives me balance. Through them I am able to keep my inner child alive, so I can have an excuse to come out to play. They do not judge and they give me great fulfillment in my life. So Never judge, be fair, and have fun...
now let's go play, it's time for recess !
This is the opening page to my book.
I hope that you will all enjoy the finished product, because it has been God and you, my friends and family who have encouraged, supported and rallied me to a better place in my life. Much love, Kate Niemann Theis

Fly Freely by Kate Theis

Be aware of your power and ability to live a life full of abundance and experience all of your gifts and do and enjoy as you go, then gift it away in love. For I have tasted the sweetness and the bitterness of my life and want to make a delicious meal to serve my purpose each day. I am at a place in my life where I can now check the menu and be open to experience a new kind of love so I can continue to unfold and feel again with a joyful expansion of my soul. Softshoe dance to your music and I will orchestrate my symphony. Fly freely my friend, Life is Good! copyright2011

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hope by Kate theis copyright 2000

There's hope and aspirations of the things God did create
We toil, sweat and pray that our joys will compensate
For the sadness, failure and grief
That we'll encounter along the way
The road is narrow and sometimes brief
We must sow the seeds of kindness
On a fertile field demanding
May we reap a crop of love and peaceful understanding
The autumn leaves are falling like pages of a book
The days all pass so swiftly by
like a sailboat amidst a windy brook
let's fill our hearts and minds way up high
With pleasant memories and friends so very dear
To last the long cold winter of trying times
That are always
Ever near.

RESPECT by Kate Theis copyright 2011

We were put on this beautiful earth
I am sure you and I will find
To better the lot of all mankind
Not by giving material things or wealth
Giving instead self-esteem, happiness and
A sense of good health
The important things money can not buy
Are often forgotten by people who try
To help the unfortunate get on their feet
And their responsibilities to be able to meet
We should give them the tools and expect
Nothing in return or no kind of pay
Just teach them to walk
Then smile and walk away

Reflection by Kate Theis 2011

Reflecting yourself back through your own relationships and your personal walk in this crazy place we call life. If you look in the mirror and like what you reflect back, (beyond superficial stuff) You will have found the inner YOU! Cool Stuff! Are you beginning to know me? I am every thing, I am every where and just who I am, ME in YOU. GOD


When the space I've occupied is empty
And I've gone away
Will the memory of me linger
Or will it go away
Laughter is the magic potion
That wipes away the gloom
For just a fleeting moment
Sunshine floods the room
Was I able to touch your heart
And make you smile
With one of my corny jokes
Or the many faces I would make to be funny
Will your life be just a little
More meaningful from knowing me
Then the purpose of my passing you
In this life has not been in vain
If I can make just one person smile
And be happy to know a love of another
It would be worth all of this and more
To know I can ease the pain and strife
Laughter is the bloom of a happy heart
I wish this and more every day of your life

I Wish...

I truly wish good things for you.
I hate this feeling of sadness and such.
I wish even now that you would have loved me too.
I know I am dreaming and wishing too much,
That things could change and bring me luck.
I guess it is as some will say, "for the best".
I have to let it all go and just give it a rest.
I will always remember your beautiful smile.
As I stare up to the sky and remember for awhile.
A time back when we loved the Moon and the stars,
We'd giggle about a time "somewhere out there",
And how we'd wish upon those diamonds called stars!