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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hope by Kate theis copyright 2000

There's hope and aspirations of the things God did create
We toil, sweat and pray that our joys will compensate
For the sadness, failure and grief
That we'll encounter along the way
The road is narrow and sometimes brief
We must sow the seeds of kindness
On a fertile field demanding
May we reap a crop of love and peaceful understanding
The autumn leaves are falling like pages of a book
The days all pass so swiftly by
like a sailboat amidst a windy brook
let's fill our hearts and minds way up high
With pleasant memories and friends so very dear
To last the long cold winter of trying times
That are always
Ever near.

RESPECT by Kate Theis copyright 2011

We were put on this beautiful earth
I am sure you and I will find
To better the lot of all mankind
Not by giving material things or wealth
Giving instead self-esteem, happiness and
A sense of good health
The important things money can not buy
Are often forgotten by people who try
To help the unfortunate get on their feet
And their responsibilities to be able to meet
We should give them the tools and expect
Nothing in return or no kind of pay
Just teach them to walk
Then smile and walk away

Reflection by Kate Theis 2011

Reflecting yourself back through your own relationships and your personal walk in this crazy place we call life. If you look in the mirror and like what you reflect back, (beyond superficial stuff) You will have found the inner YOU! Cool Stuff! Are you beginning to know me? I am every thing, I am every where and just who I am, ME in YOU. GOD


When the space I've occupied is empty
And I've gone away
Will the memory of me linger
Or will it go away
Laughter is the magic potion
That wipes away the gloom
For just a fleeting moment
Sunshine floods the room
Was I able to touch your heart
And make you smile
With one of my corny jokes
Or the many faces I would make to be funny
Will your life be just a little
More meaningful from knowing me
Then the purpose of my passing you
In this life has not been in vain
If I can make just one person smile
And be happy to know a love of another
It would be worth all of this and more
To know I can ease the pain and strife
Laughter is the bloom of a happy heart
I wish this and more every day of your life

I Wish...

I truly wish good things for you.
I hate this feeling of sadness and such.
I wish even now that you would have loved me too.
I know I am dreaming and wishing too much,
That things could change and bring me luck.
I guess it is as some will say, "for the best".
I have to let it all go and just give it a rest.
I will always remember your beautiful smile.
As I stare up to the sky and remember for awhile.
A time back when we loved the Moon and the stars,
We'd giggle about a time "somewhere out there",
And how we'd wish upon those diamonds called stars!

I Wish Upon A Star

When I look up and wish upon a star.
I am thinking about where you are.
Dark skies with diamonds above,
Always makes me thankful I have a love.
A love so strong and full of life,
To say "I love you", seems so right.
Would you be mine forever more
Or turn away and walk back through the door.
Please stop a minute to consider
What things that really do matter.
How I really want you to stay.
I am not sure I can do all things your way,
But give me the chance to extend to you
This deep heartfelt Love I have for you.
Kate Theis Copyright 2001

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Flowers copywrite 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011

God created the Earth

God created the Earth.
The moon rides the tide of time,
The sun is a grand educator.
The stars are what we are, The actors.
The universe is our stage.
The interaction is the theme.
So dream the impossible dream.
Do the incredible-
Do the impossible-
Most of all to remember this:
Create, then you can make the impossible,
God is Great,
God is good,
Let us thank him for our Universe.
by Kate Theis c2011

"Collector, Thinker, Comedian, Mother by Thomas C. Carlon copywrite 1998

As the winds blow. Time also must pass. you spent your time caring for others. You nurtured and taught respect. You had a light heart and knew how to laugh. You truly lived life. You did not just observe as so many others do. No, you particiapated and in doing so you became immortal. A piece of you, a seed if you will, has been planted and has taken root in everyone and everything you touched with your heart.

To know you is to love you. You did not just accept what was. No you questioned and probed. In the end you would have answers to your queries. Whether you liked them or not. You did not try to change those around you. You simply accepted them as they were. You demanded respect and gave it in return. As far as I am concerned The Great Spirit may have taken on more than he can handle in you.

But I also know that he could not recall all of you. Because I can see you in your Children, your Grandchildren, and your Great-Grandchildren. I have even found a piece of you in myself. So in this I wish you, in my own way, a pleasant yet eventful journey. May the Winds of Life take you Far. Fly, Fly Away. From the outside looking in.

This was written for My Mother by my Son-n-law Tom on her 'Life Celebration'."

I Believe by Kate Theis 2011 Copywrited

"For I am a Star Child, I am of all things.
I am the sky, wind and the golden Sun.
I am all things-
I will always be with you,
...And always a part of you.
I will be the music you hear.
The landscape you see.
The delicious food you eat.
I am there and even here...
I am that large beautiful Rose,
Neatly in a vase, that you smell.
I float in and out on a pure white cloud-
One that gives you rain,
To norish and quench your thirst.
I am tickling your memory.
You see, it is the wonderfulness of me.
I am knocking at your heart-
Please won't you let me in?
It is My Loving and Living Memory,
I want you to know.
I am your saviour, Jesus standing at your Door.
I love you unconditonally forever and Ever."

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Toe Wiggles by Kate Theis c/w 6/2011

You all make mine toes wiggle with joy and you all are so darn cute and fun. I love you my pretties and hope to meet under the sun. Hugs and winks and laugher abound, now it is prayers for all around. God loves you and so do I...

Wooly away with ya, sniffles too, dog gone it chase away the blues. Fizzy fuzzy use to be wazzy, now it is the doom...of gloom, away away away with ya...clear noses and brains as bright as the sun, we wanted to get back to having great fun!

This gut stuff, bones that clatter, what's the matter? Come on we have to quiet ourselves to a little voice and not so much chatter...Jesus just enter the room....Footprints in the sand!

Let's bow our heads for a moment or two...let us pray for me and pray for you....


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grateful by Kate Theis 2011 copyright

There comes a time in one's life we meet the most incredible people.
It maybe here, there or maybe any where. The point is, I truly believe God brings you those who know and those who care. Some many come for awhile and some may for a lifetime. But today right now is the present and I treasure all that came, went and for those here now and those who that may come. You are the best gifts and you are all FREE!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So Many Things to Me by Kate Theis

You are so many things to me my dearest one.
The magic of your presence lights up a room.
Your sounds are like the cooing of the Morning Dove.
Or the lovely sounds off in the distance like the Singular Loon.
You are the heartbeat coming from my chest.
One so strong and completely flowing free.
You are the one who ranks higher than all of the rest.
I feel all of you flowing totally through all of my being.
You are the precious blood flow of life within me.
With feelings I could never seem to find and trust with anyone else.
Your unconditional love is so deep within me.
It tickles me to know you are mine and your there for me.
From the day I first met you and let you in-
I could feel the electricity and I just knew,
I was waiting so long to find an unconditional love to call just mine.
You embraced my body and wiped my tears of sadness away.
With your hands lifted me up and touched my soul making it anew.
Deep in my tender heart I found something special with you.
I knew there was nothing greater than you.
You are the ebb and flow of the waters of the sea.
Pure and fresh as the blood that flows through me.
Strong and delicate, tender as can be.
Roses and tulips dancing in the sun.
Children playing and laughing innocently having fun.
You have chosen me and now I have chosen you.
Knocking at my hearts door, I let you into me.
I rededicate my life to a life with you.
To have a rich life and a second chance.
I give you my life and my every thing-
To rejoice and do my best with everything.
Me the Irishweebit and my Loving Savior.
For now and always I want this for me.
Thank you for loving a person like me.
I am not perfect and wish to be, this is my goal
With you in my life, I see it is a possibility.
Copyright 2011 Kate Theis

Monday, June 13, 2011

This is How I Precieve Us As People, Beautiful

Kate Theis Copy writed Photographs 2011

By Kate Niemann Theis
To you my special friends here on FaceBook
I love you all and so very much want you to know
How much you mean to me
I get up in the morning and praise the Lord for loving me
That he is my Saviour and my love for you come from him
The things we do and say are to be of support and love for each other
And I have never met such a group like you and there is a golden light
That comes to me when I think of you
It warms my heart even though I feel I am sometimes short of deserving it.
But I know you know how it is to struggle and try your best
And we seem to know when we all need each other when the time is best
Maybe Mo, or Sue might chat a bit, then maybe it is Tonya and Kt
another time that fits.
Lil you have a knack to know how much discipline I need and what to say
How life can be and how to rise about relationship ends
I hope that I too can give back whether it be a smile or laughter
But the point for me is we must never forget that it was God that made our friendships happen and a time out is good but we are bound through his love and we will make it to the top some how.
Not sure if this makes any sense but Granny, Jill and all the rest I love you my Christian Friends and I am truly blessed.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tropical Skies by Kate Theis 2011copywrited

The tropical sky is as beautiful as a watercolor.
All the colors washed together in a rainbow.
The sun is about to kiss the endless horizon.
It's rays shimmer as it slides across the waters.
A soft breeze floats through and tickles my hair.
Oh, the sweet tangerines and tropical flowers fill my senses.
Makes me feel peacefulness and yet I am so very sad.
The mist of the falls float softly across my face.
So soothing as it mixes the ambiance of this place.
I hear the solo pan flute off in the far distance.
Carrying a tune of a love and then loss so griping.
It cries and hums through the tall tropical trees.
With shadows of the last sun rays dimming as they slowly fade away.
I know and realize for the first time I am really alone.
The sounds of the deep blackness of the night creep in on me.
Crickets and frogs seem to sing in such sad harmony.
With the moon actually looking down and smiling at me.
I do feel the cool sand that fills in between my toes,
And all I want so very much is for you to be here with me.
But I deeply feel my heart breaking-
The stillness of our voices will never again be.
What really went wrong and I wonder for how long?
I truly gave my best, as best as I could.
But You decided it was over and was no longer any good.
How does one ask you to pack it up and just walk away?
And never even to let you have a thing to say.
Oh, the ocean tides have come crashing in on me.
And the tropical skies, the smells and all of our memories,
Are all I have left like pictures in my mind,
This is what I was left with for my efforts and 10 years of time.

Carribean Sea

The waters are blue and freshly clean
But sometimes can be a vivid blue green
The waves are lively and dancing too
Water splashing against the jagged rocks
Always sounding lively crashing and new
A breeze that passes through your locks
And a sun that warms and tans you too
The warmth of this wonderful place
The music of steel drums fill the night air
Brings together the human race
All under this God's beautiful place
Even if only in this moment in time
I had the greatest of memories here with you
Under these skies of the Caribbean Blue

Even flowers can cry, what beauty. Tears from heaven fell upon the soft pedals of this flower. It stood so strong and took the rain for an hour. After the rain came the blossom drank and danced in the wind. Washing away the people's sin. Flora, Fauna, tumble weeds too, need your attention like me and you. Embrace those things, good or bad. Bring on some smiles and don't be sad. For everything there is a reason no matter what time or kind of season.
Hold on to that that really matters. Stop all this meaningless chatter. To love is like flowers and do bloom the best, when you really take the time and always give it your best. I knew you then and I know you now so let's forgive and move on some how.
by Kate Theis 6/2011 copywrited

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mountains With Faces By Kate Theis

Mountains with impressionable faces
Telling Me stories of the many people and many places.
The history they represent strongly express-
Makes me honored to see them and to be joyfully here
To be a part of them and I will always hold dear.
I feel the spiritual closeness of nothing I've ever known before
Keeping me on my feet and wishing to know more.
Every where I hear the calling of voices in such tender whisper.
Leads me to an anticipation unknown but wanting more and yet so clear.
I climb to the heights above my own vast vivid imagination,
To a point of endless beauty and great soulful stimulation.
I look down upon my very anticipated staring destination
To see all the miles stones of my hard obstacles to my completion.
In complete stillness I question, For am I really finished?
Where do I go from here my God?
I hear the voices, I follow in excitement, I am willing to go-
Calling me closer I cry for understanding.
The mountains with faces show me the way through the design laid before me.
Their tears and struggles and sorrows begin to tell a story
It begins to all unfold-
Their voices cry out of their journeys that were much tougher than mine.
Oh how we all have similarities even over time.
It is humbling and my Gratefulness swells ten fold.
All these mountains with faces have stories for some are untold.
In the valleys between the ridges I sit and look upon,
Riches untapped and like books unread.
Many pages to be read and studies for a life time.
I close my eyes and empty my thoughts.
Ah, for a moment I was sure I could hear,
Wagon wheels and bells chiming as I saw the white tail of a romping young deer.
Children laughing and music with dancing seemed to echo from the skies.
Makes me think of the people of a time in the past.
How much they are here and still with us, to teach.
Bright sunshine warming upon my face,
I walked a few miles I am impelled to stop and take great measure
To ground myself for that very moment in this grounded place.
A warm fulfilling feeling of gratitude comes flowing over me.
High from the mountain tops showering a healing of my soul
I could feel it flow through me from head to toe.
For a endless moment I could feel no pain,
No feeling of the human being body or it's extremities.
Leaving me with a feeling of completeness that was so loving and Godly.
God's hands have touched my soul and my innerness to become one,
God gave these mountains with faces as a reminder of his love.
His mysteries of creation and how it is there for you and for me,
To take in it's beauty and for us to learn a better way to be.
It is through nature my Child he has come to show his grand design,
For our lives to be a better place if we take the time.
Have I done all that I could to fulfill my life long goal?
Have I left life a little better for all those I know?
Most of all have I left a good impression of love and purpose to those I meet?
As the light winds blow ever so gently across my face.
With resemblance of loving fingers from my Father with Grace.
Assuring me though his Grace I will be loved no matter what.
What ever my struggles are he will raise me up.
The wild flowers he craftily scattered from here and there,
Dotting the mountains terrain for miles every where.
Mountains, God gave us your faces of the past as the present which are much the same,
For those of us who take the time to see and eagerly want to share,
Those faces and their journeys of Love,Faith and Hope. Knowing you are always there.
Kate Theis Copywrited 6-11-2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

Davis Christian (D.C.) Smith's Books and Publications Spotlight

Davis Christian (D.C.) Smith's Books and Publications Spotlight: "About Davis Christian (D.C.) Smith
Welcome to my author website!
I am 10 years old. I started writing songs and writing about my own museums when I was five. I then moved on to write actual stories, movies and many other things My mind is always full of creative thinking and putting my thoughts to computer is a great way for me to express my thoughts.
I was encouraged by Miss Kate, my teacher at Kids Creative Cafe, to finish a chapter book I was working on and to actually publish it. I'm SO glad she told me about it. I'm thrilled to be an author and hope to write many more! Enjoy my book and look for more to come ...
PS. $1.00 of the proceeds from each book will be donated to Walk Now for Autism Speaks. If you'd like to learn more about autism or why we walk, please check out

Words and My Mother

This is a Special Woman I truly have to say
was and still is to this present day,
The most Incredible Woman in all my life.
My Mother taught me so very much
About the influence of the spoken word.
Written or spoken it was plain to see
All the things about life and what I wanted to be.
In laughter or tears or in common understanding
We were complete even if we were to agree to disagree,
But to be best friends it was always going to be.
She knew how to touch you with her soft words
I looked up to her for guidance and care
She was always very loving, truthful and fair.
Mother is gone now in her body form
But her legacy is always revolving and reborn
Whether it be through me or someone she met
My Mother's presence is always so dear if you let.
I always tried to do my best and feel her near.
To you my Mother I love to write these words just for you
For me it is what makes each day fresh and new.
I am your daughter and learned about words
The influence of them for only you.

I miss and love you Mother. by: Kate Theis 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Like stars we shine.
Together we are glorious.
Life is grand,
We must hold strong together.
For without the ties that bind us,
We may wither and fall.
We are this Grand Masterpiece.
The Hope and the Dream.
God be with you
As he is with me.
Love should be strong and a special thing.
If you let it be.
Not a word spoken and yet you see,
That ALL the Stars that shine,
Are very glorious to see.
May our love be forever within in us
As seen by others as much around us.
Kate Theis 2004

4 and 20 Sparrows: To Ponder....

4 and 20 Sparrows: To Ponder....

Sophie Lumen

Sophie Lumen

"Class Atmosphere
by Kate Niemann Theis on Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 3:19am
Enjoying the kiddos this week. The only thing I am concerned about is what we teach our Kids as Parents. When we make a comittment to join our classes we set our material for each child. They make a play complete. Each child has an important part which is tailored to them. When parents choose to not come and not call it makes it hard for us as teachers, Kids included. We all play a part, and when one is missing the story is incomplete. It breaks the fun each has to make their play something they are proud of. They do miss their classmates. It changes the atmosphere of the class.
The teens as well as the younger children always amaze me as to how much they teach me. I feel it is a two way street. Lots of give and take. My greatest pleasure is that I go away richer than I started.
I am truely blessed but please call if you are not coming to class."
"Moving time :o)
by Kate Niemann Theis on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 7:49am
I am starting to pack to move and wanted you to all know I haven't gone anywhere. Thanks for the emails. Give me a little time and I will be back to post on our new blog. I am looking forward to this new adventure. All is good and see you as soon as I get things in order. Writers I will have new stories to be included to our new site. I will only be here snippets of time. The best gift God has given us is the Present, open it wisely. Love"
"Thank you my friends.
by Kate Niemann Theis on Sunday, March 6, 2011 at 11:35am
I am in my new place and it certainly is a change for me, but am starting to find some pieces of peace. As I look out my window I can see signs of things to come. The pine grosebeck and her babies and the funny squirrels playing tag. Life has it's beauty and I don't want to miss a thing. New adventures lay ahead for me, I know that, but will always have a special place for the one I still love and it will be a long time before I feel I could begin to feel close to someone again. However I do know deeply I am taken care of and that When God closes a door, he will always open a window. I have shared with all of you my thoughts and silliness on Facebook, and you have recieved me with love and Friendship and I am so grateful for that. Your encouragement and even tough talk is special to me. I needed to tell all of you. I will be just fine. Thank you :o)"

"Blossom Time
by Kate Niemann Theis on Monday, March 14, 2011 at 9:51am
I love all there is, the flowers as they stretch to pop their tiny heads upward and wink at me as the morning dew drips to the ground where it is norishing it's roots. Time will pass and as it grows, it unfolds in such beauty.We are these awesome flowers. From seed to blossoms we grow to become the beautiful souls that we are. Picked wisely we last a long time. Nurtured through the rough times we mend, but forgotten we wither. Every soul has it's place and we together are God's Garden of Grace. I am leaving one garden to sow a new, but it is still the photograph of a time that sticks in my mind, that is and always will be you. May we blossom and become the pride and joy of God.
kate Theis 3/2011"
by Kate Niemann Theis on Monday, March 14, 2011 at 10:19am
I have taken the time to really look at what matters. When I do it keeps coming back the same. Human Life. God's wonderful gift he gives to us.
It is amazing how we do and say things that either make a difference in someone's life or we can do nothing and walk away. We are a watercolor, or a quilt. We all contribute and should cling together in times of everything, good and bad. Our hearts beat as one, our hearts flow life through us and we all give energies to move us.
We need to take a moment to reachout and help in some way. If nothing else sit down and bow your head and Pray. God's energies will lift us to a positive action to react. Do something today.
Kate Theis 3/2011"

by Kate Niemann Theis on Monday, March 14, 2011 at 10:29am
I like when my heart leads me to the Moon, and the ocean. Sunrise, sunset...Moon comes and call to the waves and they dance...ebb and flo, makes my heart so at peace. Run your breeze through my hair, tickle my ears with the softness of your breath, fill my lungs with life. I am so excited to be with thee my inner child, even for just awhile. The playground of the inner child, so sweet and untouched. It is hard to find sometimes but it is there if you sit quietly and let it come to you. Dream dreams and laughter abounds. Ah what a luscious sound. Come to me my child in me. Let me frolic in thee. Meditate......."
by Kate Niemann Theis on Sunday, April 3, 2011 at 8:45pm
I have had some time to think and I have come to this conclusion. We as a people have become dislocated. We have lost the gift of proper communication and quality time. We are not suppose to be separated from each other, We really are connected as one. A spiritual being having a human experience in this life. We have become so absorbed with things; ie. IPhones, Ipads, etc. that we have lost the human expression and touch. That spiritual gift we were all gifted at birth.
The recent happenings in my life have opened my eyes to now understanding, the why and Truth. Thanks to me, time and to you, my innerself I now see the lesson I am to learn from it all. Through Mediation, Listening and Forgiving myself is how I can grow and become what it is that I want to become, ME!! Written 4/3/11 by me, Kate Theis :o)"
"To DC
by Kate Niemann Theis on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 at 6:45pm
I had the best lunch and fun filled afternoon. I am glad DC was so giving, he certainly gives me a great persective on things and life. I hope he knows that sharing his innermost ideas and thoughts are a very big deal to me and I treasure it so very deeply. I don't want to forget, I will add his ideas for me to my vision board. We walked and told funny jokes and did some acting games. He's one of my Special Young Men that is wise beyond his years. A wonderful Friend! Thanks DC for just being you. You raise me up, Angel Unaware. :o)"
"How to spread energy
by Kate Niemann Theis on Friday, April 8, 2011 at 1:53pm 4/8/2011 1:21pm as spoken to Mo.
This is what I would like you to do: Sit relaxed and put your hands above your head. Clap them together once feeling the snap of energy. Now slowly open your hands and slowly run them over and down you head as close to your head as possible with eyes closed. You should begin to feel that energy I just sent. Go slowly consentrate on your breathing.
( after you practice your going to use your own energy for self energizing.)
Now rub your open hands together vigorously, now cup your cheeks and feel how warm they are. I just spiritually hugged you. Open your eyes and smile. The Sun will be nice if it is daytime to sit in or a nice evening where the moon is smiling down on you and you are relaxing. Start your day with Ahs and end your days with Oms. Always be thankful and grateful. Pay it forward when you can and share this as often as you want to share the energy fields we share...always with love, laughter and in peace.
By Kate Theis 2011 the year of Truth."
"Affair To Remember
by Kate Niemann Theis on Monday, April 11, 2011 at 10:20pm
Have you ever had a confession to make, well here is mine...
I am having an affair,
With my king size pillow, we snuggle and king never talks back, always gives me room when I need it and will give me space when I decide enough is enough. Or King will let me just cozy as close as I want even if I drewl on em. Never any bad words, just springs back into shape after I have woman mangled em. Where can anyone find such a cutie and total soulmate like a good friend in a pillow! By Kate Theis 4-11-2010"

by Kate Niemann Theis on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 4:26pm
The Sun, where shall I begin?
Some where over the rainbow?
Ah, why yes!
Out there where the wee little ones reside-
Why there's Itchem, Mitchem and Mi.
They all went for a walk one day and to their surprise was...
All those beautiful flowers like the ones I took at Como Park today.
But one thing was missing, the Sun!
They were lucky, their mountain home was in a green house, all warm and toasty.
While the three wee ones were looking out at the sky, this dreary old bearded guy,Cloudy said he was riding through on a weather front, and said; 'sorry no sun today'.
Seemed like all he could do is blow cold air, but hang around he did.
The wee ones said they had to make a few calls. One called Dave Dahl, then one called Sven Sungarrd over there at 11 and the last one called Mr. Keith at Fox 9. They all left messages but no one called back. Hum???
Well I guess the wee ones only had one thing left to do. Mother Nature lived not far. So they made way to her abode.
Even she didn't answer the door! Minnesota sure has unpredictable weather this time of year.
Guess we all have to pray for the Sun. So they decided to pull out their Sunday best, and dress pretty for tomorrow's services at church. Now God must have the answer. Maybe that is why it is called 'SUN DAY?'
The sun will always be in your heart if you let it in...Smiles :o)"
by Kate Niemann Theis on Sunday, May 8, 2011 at 11:49am
Mother's are so special. They teach their Children about honesty and compassion. They show love and giving. How to stand tall and do what is right. They teach you about taking turns and never judging but to give a listening ear. They guide you along the way and help by example in every way possible. Teaching to give from the heart without strings and to agree to disagree gracefully. But most of all Mother's love unconditionally with an open heart and encircling arms. No matter what age, or even when Mom Passes, she will always be near to guide. As imperfect as we are we are still loved. Happy Mother'd Day, I Love you and Thank you for loving me still. <3
Kate Theis"
"Poem of the day:
by @[1067176751:Kate Niemann Theis] 2011@copywrite

Went to the beach the other day-
Saw a strange little bird along the way.
I could hear the churpping, as a struggling chatter.
I stopped to ask, 'What is the matter'?
It was stuck to a piece of packing tape.
Poor thing seemed to know it's fate.
Struggling, hopping and crying soulfully too-
Oh, my God, what do I do?
I calmly stopped to gently pick it up-
I could see it's wing was badly stuck.
In my hands I was able to calm it down.
I released it's wing and returned it to the ground.
Gratefully it flew right back on to me-
Looking right in my eyes so I could see,
The love and the trust it gave back to me.
For everyday we were soulfully connected
It sang to me and I whistled in perfection.
No matter who, what or why- take time to make
a difference when some one has a need, even if
it is just because...God loves you and so do I."
"By Kate Niemann Theis@5/2011 copywrited
The magnificant warm sun is now long gone it is now sealed with a moon brightly looking over us. Stars appear to be pinned to the blackness that once was blue. Winds briskly dancing a lovely tune with the trees. The smell of lilacs permiating the room and the flicker of light peeks at me from the window. My body rests and my soul whispers sweetness in my ears. I am longing for the softshoe that took my hand, but now has slippped away through my grasp. Ah, the memories of lips that touched like silk and touches of body even if only in the mind. Time.... time.... time.
We soon will lay our heads to a midnights dream with the promise of tomorrow to do it all over again, memories, choose wisely and let God take the driver's seat.
My cup will never be half full, but half empty.... drink from the cup of life. Good night"

Making a difference

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I'm reminded today how lighting in photography is a simple and beautiful analogy of life. It's not the object but the light reflecting off it that makes it visible. In complete darkness, we cannot see anything clearly. Add a dash of light and suddenly things become clearer. The interplay of light and dark gives us important contrast. To recognize the importance of the shadow in our lives is part of that balance. ~ HT


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


When the space I've occupied is empty
and I've gone away
Will the memory of me linger
Or will it go away
Laughter is the magic potion
That wipes away the gloom
For just a fleeting moment
Sunshine floods the room
Was I able to touch your heart
And make you smile
With one of my corny jokes
Or one of my many faces I would make for thee
Will your life be just a little
More meaningful from knowing me
And will you sometimes giggle with the thoughts of me
Then the purpose of my passing you
In this life has not been in vain
If I can make just one person smile
And be happy to know a love of another
It would be worth all of this and so much more
To know I came along this way and was able to ease your pain

By Kate theis