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Friday, February 4, 2011


I am a spiritual person. God to me is a spiritual being, male or female? I am not sure. All I know is that there are devine beings all around us. Some of supernatual, some of flesh. Our Bodies are only flesh, our hearts beat in tune to each other. I call our souls that flame of light, that flickers as we pass. There are those who are Angels unaware, doing things that help lighten our load. There are those who guide us from the unknown. For each time a door closes a window opens, you enter and are guided and you just know. Things may happen, good or bad but you are drawn to a greater place as long as you have an open heart. For me I'd much rather have a colorful quilted heart,patched with love and forgiveness than a heart with no color. Roads untraveled are those great adventures you hold onto for a life time and then scatter them as seedlings to the wind for the next spiritual beings to explore.
I am a sensitive, intuitive person. Church is everywhere and within. I study many ways and let the best of it lead me. God is spiritual and alive.
I hope you don't think I am way out there, I am just a believer and know I will always be taken care of. 3 in 1= God

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The Moon rules the tides of Time

The Sun is the Grand Educator

The Stars are what we are, the Actors

And the Universe is the Stage

The interaction is the Theme

So Dream the impossible Dream

Do the Incredible

Do the Impossible

Most of all, Remember

Create, never give up, move Forward

Make the impossible - POSSIBLE

Positive Persistance with Prayer makes all things Possible

God's gift to us is the Present, use it wisely to create the future. :o)

Kate Theis 2011