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Monday, November 22, 2010


Thanksgiving. What does this mean to you? Me, it is never forgetting anyone who is in or has touched my life. God to my Family and Friends as well as for those I haven't met yet.
Being Thankful for everything you have because life is too short for drama & petty things, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, Love truly and forgive quickly.
Many hugs and give what you can and never forget to love yourself :) HUGS!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Check this out, NEW and FUN!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kids Creative Cafe'
Social Play and Networking for Kids on the Autism Spectrum or for those that need extra help on building social skills.
Children two years and up will enjoy the fun of peer play through the performing arts. The Creative C...afe' will help children learn social skills starting with one on one sessions moving into small peer groups of 2-4 other children. As they progress we would be adding others to foster social interaction, communication, imagination and mutually enjoyable experiences. We will establish routines and visual support along with peer mentoring as we move forward with the social activities whereby they can carry on conversations, work as a team, share and make friendships.
The objective of the Creative Cafe' is to create a fun and enjoyable place to meet friends, build self esteem and confidence, build social skills while having fun! It's a place where everyone knows your name and you foster friendships.
The Cafe' is also a place where parents can meet their children's new friends and connect with other parents to swap and share experiences.

Ages 2-5 yrs.
•Tea Parties

All sessions can be customized to the interest or needs of the child. If you do not see something on the list above let us know and we can design the program for you.

Ages 6-up
•Open Mic
•Radio pod cast
•Movie Critic
•Book Writing
•Directing behind a video camera
•Stage Props
•Sound effects
•TV interviews
•Stage Settings

Member Minnesota Autism Society - Member Autism Speaks
ARC of Minnesota - FreeArtsMN

Dreams of Tears and Sorrow

Dreams of Tears And Sorrow
Abysmal dark emotions mixed with realities bliss.
A dream created stirs the deepest of memories.
Memories of love and hate, and of gain and loss, and
the memories once of happiness that now cause pain.
...A dream to release them all from the the dark abyss
that they were thrown into once long ago To feel that pain once again, showing itself on the surface.
While still dreaming, still feeling the pain, and still remembering.
The chains of ones grief always remembered, unable to be cast aside,
all is shown on the surface as one cries, still lying there dreaming,
remembering the lies.

By Gideon Shea Carlon 2010

One of my students I had worked with at " In The Company of Kids" as one of his theater coaches. I have also worked with DC one on one to complete his book. We had to determine whether it would be just a plain book or a series of chapter books and which publisher to look at and to set a date for completion(which he was able to do). He decided to start a series of books. I am so proud of him :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Snow fall 2010

Enjoy your day. Today is a gift (present). Open it up to the beauty of the past, present and the excitement of the aware of your surroundings and be grateful :)
Kate Theis

It is a reality for us in Minnesota, we have snow. Like all good stories this one opens with 2 cats pawing at me to get up. You'd think it would be for food. NO, not this morning. It was to bring me down to the patio door to show me it was snowing...I kid you not. it was 6 am. Cats are very intuitive. Ours seem to tell us everything!
Kate Theis

There comes a time in life when you walk away from
all the pointless drama and people who create it, and surround yourself
with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus
on the good. Life is too short to be anything but happy.
Kate Theis

Life can be an amazing journey. From the time we are born to the last breath we take. From the moment we open our eyes we should be making each minute count. Being grateful and humble. Love openly and give freely :)
Kate Theis

When two hearts come together and beat as one, it becomes very deep and divine.
When two hearts beat as one, it is something rare and you should be grateful to have found. It is a gift from above, "That special someones heart and yours, to beat as one."
Kate Theis

Sometimes we make mistakes, most times we do our best. What counts is how we handle these mistakes. I wish to be forgiving and hope I would be forgiven too. There are times it just takes time. Having patience is a virtue. A dang hard one though. Loving someone makes it well worth the wait. Together we make the difference!
Kate Theis

Kids are cute. One of my little ones asked me if I ever wanted to be like an Angel? I asked why he wanted to know. He replied that I was bright and he knew I could fly. Fly, I asked? He said yes, I see your wings when you walk. Hum??? I am still thinking about that, what a special morsel for my day :)
Kate Theis

Today we can learn so much, stop, look and listen. Most of all keep and open mind and think out of the box. Something interesting may grateful and love openly, smile often and reach out and touch someone. You may be surprised how you may help someone you may not even know, pay it forward or acts of kindness ...go a long to you all and have a great sunny day:)
Kate Theis

Where ever you are, so am I. You will see me in the light and feel me in the breeze. You will smell me in the fragrance of the woods. I trickle like the brooke and flow though you as the waters softly run by...stop, look and listen. I am your past, present and future...I will never leave you. I will live through and on......I am the beauty of nature and you. Love always to my children. This from your Mom, me, your love always. -KT2010Kate Theis

Where ever time has taken us, make sure we leave something better behind so the next person learns something new from the past.
Kate Theis
Pictures are worth a thousand words. Really take the time to look around you and see all the wonderful things we get to enjoy. Smell and hear the joys of life. Taste the sweetness of the wine of life, the grapes of living and have the gratefulness of spirit.
Kate Theis

Walking through life you cross many bridges, you make many choices and the result reflects what you do. So I think if we all could see the beauty of what is before our eyes, we can also see the positive in the choices we make or to accept those things we cannot change and move on to greater things.
Kate Theis

Being a parent sometimes can be trying and you feel like you just want a vacation. However if you go you still are a parent. There is no escaping that wonderful bond. No matter what may come kids are kids, doesn't matter the age. As we mature we find we start to sound like our parents, so goes the cycle...point, be the... best parent you can be. Love with all your heart and disciple with that same love.
Kate Theis

There are many Paths, many doors. We walk them in Faith. Let's leave behind something greater than what or how we found those roads less traveled. Make each day a new adventure and leave a Smile as your token of gratefulness. Pay it forward when you can and reach out your hand to someone less fortunate than you. Keep t...he light bright and the song of love in your heart. Bless you :)
Kate Theis
I think this will do for today, Give yourself a dose of love, and then listen with compassion to what your heart tells you. Be good to yourself and others.Then go out and Play! Pay it forward, and act of kindness all with a smile, it does go miles...:) To my bestest, I love you! To my family I love you too :)
Kate Theis

Today is a wonderful sunny day, and the crisp smell of fall is so endearing. I love this time of year not only because of the color changes and smells but the time to reflect on the things to be grateful for. I hope it is that for you my friends as well. take a moment to think of all you have done and will do, and of t...hose you love and be grateful. Tell them how much they mean to you. :)
Kate Theis

Relationships are always an important part of life. And I mean all relationships - friendship, love, marriage, relationship by choice, relationship by birth. Learning what makes them tick, why they sometimes go wrong, what one can do about it, and why they are so precious is something we all need to do, but first to it happen, put down Iphones, Ipods, Ipads, emails and just talk :)
Kate Theis


‎"No matter what role people play on the outside, everyone is the same on the inside—as such, everyone is deserving of the same respect, appreciation, and consideration we ourselves desire to be afforded."