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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where is the other sock?

Sometime ago I was on a major laundry kick. Ya know one of those spring cleaning things we do. Wanting to wash and sort out your winter clothes to put them to rest until next fall. Well, this is my true story and I am sticking to it!
As I washed and dried my laundry, I started to fold clothes putting aside the socks. When I finished with the clothes I started to separate the socks. To my surprise there were 3 pairs with no mate. I knew they were there when I began. But where did they go? Did they just jump ship and run away? This mystery drove me to search the washer. Behind, under and around the machine. Nothing surprising there, I even checked the drum inside thinking the socks got tangled on the edge. But no, now I was on the edge! Where, oh where did my socks go? Now I ask you, is there some meaning in all of this?

By Kate Theis

Friday, February 20, 2009

Free Arts Minnesota | Home

Free Arts Minnesota Home

A TIME AND A PLACE by Kate Theis

In my dream, an Angel shrugged looking me right in the eye.
I knew exactly what this Angel was thinking, and why.
I was guided by it's soft tender hand that felt so right.
I was now standing at a door that would change my life.
I was afraid to open the door and look inside, it had no light.
Was I doomed? Was there something beyond the dark?
The Angel just smiled and gestured me to go forth in faith.
I took two steps beyond the door, eyes closed, wondering.
I could feel the air become so sweet and strong with love
As I opened my eyes to see such a lovely sight.
I knew right then this was my pathway to life.
It was my time to be born and I arrived in such fashion-
At 6:41 am August 19, 1952 I cried my first sound.
I took my first breath, my eyes were now opened.
Ah, a wonderful life in this time,
In this exotic place I call mine.

I now can see the wonderful circle of life.
As I have become older and the wiser.
All things will come to those who wait.
I have had so much living dished on my plate-
So many things have come and trends now gone.
There is much of my past which has left me strong.
So this place I call my life will come and then will go.
But before I leave this earth I want you to know-
Everything has it's time, it's purpose and it's reason.
We are born, we die and recycle once again.
We will rise once again to that glorious place-
To the Angels above in a place called Heaven.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Friends the Angels and the Fireflies Kate Theis

Along time ago there was a beautiful Angel named Anna. She was sent by God in a form we may know. She lived everywhere except down under the deep blue sea. She was as pure as any Angel could be. One of many Angels from above.
One day as she was guiding her human through a lonely time, through great efforts of strength guided by God, Anna tried to comfort her to fill the void where someone she loved once was and since departed. The pain so deep, the loneliness so strong seemed to drown out everything and everyone. She was not ready to hear the word. Anna stroked her hair and tried to show compassion through song. But the young Lady was not hearing Anna. She was to weak and wanting to give up. The forces of evil came, like a driving rain it took her hope and filled her with deep sadness. Off into the darkness of night she drove. Not caring where she'd end up. Still not wanting to hear God through Angel Anna''s plea.
Tears of pain were the driving force that took control of the young Lady. The she lost control of her vehicle. Now it seemed too late. She flew off the bridge and then down into the murky waters. Seeing nothing around her she sank slowly downward.
There came Anna with the strength of God,both with arms spread wide embracing this lost soul with the guidance of the fireflies illuminating the way. The young Lady's heart began to beat as Anna, by the hand of God, rose her from the waters of the deep blue sea. Back to life with a new meaning filled with God's word of hope and love. This young lady learned that night to listen to her God and his Angels, to ask for guidance. The promise and hope for a new Beginning, she began to pray to God.
We all need God's guidance as we meet life. From birth to death.
Our Father and his spirit guides, animal guides are always there. Embrace the word of God! Let there be light.


Crystal Work: Choosing Your Crystal

Most people will choose the crystal, which will best assist them in
the situation they need it for. Crystals are often used for clearing
your mind, helping with a physical problem, meditation, and charms
for protection for yourself or your home, for healing, for chakra
work, for stone elixirs, or for anything that seems suitable.

Select the crystal, which has the properties to help you. A list has
been provided in order to help you with choosing your crystal.

Or.....simply pick the stone that "calls" to you! First decide why
you are doing the crystal work. Is it for you or someone else? What
is the problem? Do you need to give or receive energy? What does it

* Select the stone, which has the properties to help you.

*For energy, carry the stones with you, either in a little pouch
around your neck or in your pocket or pocketbook.

* For meditation, hold the stone in your hand or set it in front of
you. If in a meditation group, sit the crystal in the center of the
group for collective consciousness.

*For healing. In a full-scale crystal working, ask the stone for its
energies and utilize them. In healing, place the crystal on the part
of the body where you need it. For Chakra and Aura work, choose
crystals of the appropriate color and properties. Place the stone on
the afflicted area and feel it's energies work as it re-balances the
energy centers. You can hold the stone in your receptive hand to
absorb the healing energies. At the end of the process, the stone is
probably depleted of much of its energy. Thank your crystal and then
cleanse it. Remember, most stones will retain these negative energies.

* For crystal elixirs: place the stone in a bottle and fill the
bottle with distilled water, Place it in the sun/moon for 24-48
hours, then use the water as a topical spritzer or rub. The water
is "energetically charged" by this process.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This Very Moment

This very moment I sit and face my computer letting the words flow from my finger tips stroking each key letting what ever it is or who ever it is that seems to want to express their feelings from beyond. So as I do I can feel a cool and then a warming woosh pass through my body. I can feel the struggle within my fingers, then I let go...

My heart is aching and I wish for this to pass. I never wanted to leave you with so much to do. Your the only one I know that can feel, and understand me. I am looking down and see all of you searching, and for what? you all have it already..."EVERYTHING"! Everything you'll ever need. But you are blind and cannot see beyond yourself. Or cannot hear because you are busy talking. Stay quite.

My child you have to look within. You need to follow your Angel guides and let our lessons flow to you. You see things others can't, and you ask why? You were chosen at the time of your birth with special gifts from the beyond and you must "NOW" settle yourself. "LISTEN!" We are here to lead you to a Glorious place of peace. A place of truth with the colors of rose and hues of purple which are like your aura. Your White glow is strong, let it radiate through and heal those near. Someone is crying and you will hear. A soft voice is calling for you. You must set your sights on these callings. My child I love you unconditionally. I am always at your side, I will touch you at the top of you right shoulder and whisper in your ear. You will feel me and sometimes you may see me. I am there and here and every where. Never doubt me.

Why have you let time pass and not use your gifts for the good of others. Why have you denied yourself to be whole? Now is the time.

Written by Kate Theis
From Angels on High
To Kate